Widget Inside A Renderpartial Page Not Registering Script


I’m having some troubles here and I appreciate if someone could help me. I’ve searched A LOT of similar problems, but I didn’t find nothing sufficient similar to get proper help with my issue… Let me try explain…

I have, in a view (“view.php”), a TbMenu (I’m using Bootstrap, ok?) that calls, via ajax, an url like



In my UsersController.php I have a method



Inside this method I made a call:

// not the actual code. just to exemplify the parameters i used.




content is loaded via ajax into my target div. UNTIL NOW, IT’S OK!

BUT in


I have a widget. Highcharts widget to be precise. And this widget register some scripts that DOESN’T LOAD properly!

I think it is because the code loaded in the div isn’t allowed to change the parent html (view.php file).

If I put the SAME CODE in view.php, the Highcharts opens successfuly (because the

registerScript(.., ..., CClientScript::POS_END);

works here!)

Someone knows how to make the


in _foo.php change the parent html in order to add the function?

Or, maybe, that’s not the problem…

Thanks in advance — and sorry about my english :)