Widget for Master Detail Relation

Hello there

I’m developing a small web application. It has this 3 table model

User (1)—>(many) Device (1)—>(many) Config

I’ve read about GridView Widget, and it works great with ONE table, but I’m not sure if it can handle the related tables in the same grid so the user could select any record from table “User” and the related records (from table Device) appears in another grid or object. And the same with the relation between tables Device and Config.

Are there any other Widget/Module/Helper/Shortcut that could help me to manage the "master detail" relation between tables?

Appreciate any comments or help

I’m attaching an image as a reference. It’s not my model, but I wish I could obtain something like this:



Hi, you can use Kartik Gridview, it provide you with Expanded row, you can use it instead of.

see this link for more information: