widget for connecting email server wanted

Hi guys,

I am looking of an extension(widget) for yii2,which is able to connect to Emailserver. I found this

 "roopz/yii2-imap": "dev-master",

It works,but [size="2"]this widget has a big disadvantage:I have to set connection in config file. My intention is to set connection by user.[/size]

[size="2"]So,any hints available,which email extension I could use instead?[/size]

[font="Arial, sans-serif"]Thank yo[/font][color="#0C0C0C"][font="Arial, sans-serif"]u [/font][/color][color="#181818"][font="Arial, sans-serif"]ver[/font][/color][color="#0C0C0C"][font="Arial, sans-serif"]y [/font][/color][font="Arial, sans-serif"]much[/font][color="#0C0C0C"][font="Arial, sans-serif"] in [/font][/color][font="Arial, sans-serif"]advance[/font][color="#0C0C0C"][font="Arial, sans-serif"] f[/font][/color][color="#181818"][font="Arial, sans-serif"]or any answer(s).[/font][/color]

this extension might be useful, you can set the config and update it

$imap = new ImapAgent;

$imap->type = 'imap/ssl/novalidate-cert';

$imap->server = 'imap.mail.ru';

$imap->port = 993;

$imap->user = 'mailbox@mail.ru';

$imap->password = 'password';

// send messages may be

// update the server

$imap->server = 'imap.mail2.ru';

Thx for this. I will use it instead!