Widget Action Provider Failing

I’ve read through a few different wikis and forum posts about this topic, but I can’t get my CAction to call!

So far I’ve gone through these three articles and I still can’t get it to work!

From what I’ve read, this is how I should set things up:


public function actions()


  // return external action classes, e.g.:

  return array(





// add the ReportImage action into the widget

public static function actions()


    return array(




I’ve got a file called getReportImage.php in my components/actions folder for the CAction.


<?php  $this->widget('cmin.widgets.CMinImageLoader', array(



)); ?>

When I use the code as displayed, I get a 404 error that the image action can’t be found.

If I drop the . (which should change things from an action provider to an action class) then I get a 500 error that CMinImageLoader doesn’t have a method “runWithParameters”.

I’m using clean URLs, could that be causing the problem? Do I need to add some sort of routing rules to my urlManager?

Try adding ‘application.’ to the path.