Wich File To Edit For Setting The Document Roots Of My Web Server For Frontend And Backend ?


I am starting now to learn Yii and trying to install Yii2 from this manual : http://www.yiiframework.com/doc-2.0/guide-apps-advanced.html.

In step four i have a doubt :

Wich file i have to edit for setting the document roots of my Web server for frontend and backend ?

Is there any example ?

Assuming that my path is /var/www/yii2 and install advanced template

Thank’s in advance.

You want to map frontend/web and backend/web to separate domains. And it really depends on your webserver where you would exactly do it. As for Apache, it would be some .conf file, most likely httpd-vhosts.conf. Google something like "setup virtual hosts yourwebservername" for more details.

Since the template supports relative paths and can exist in subfolders, you don’t really need to set it up as separate domains for study purposes.

Much clear now, it is a question of editing apache files .

Thank’s a lot.