Why Yii2 Alpha Is Not Released Yet


Excuse me for my bad english

Cebe in 2 September said

today is 2 November but yii2 alpha is not released yet.

Documentation, tools for release process, bugs: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/wiki/Yii2-Development-Roadmap

Is it possible alpha release this month or this year?


Yes, it’s possible but we can’t guarantee this month since we noone from the team working on it on fulltime paid basis.

@samdark: Don’t hurry! IMHO there are still open points, especially with extensions, which should be clarified before an alpha is released.

In German we’ve a saying, which is translated (by Goggle) with: “Good things come to those who wait.”, “Soon ripe, soon rotten.” or “Haste makes waste.” :)

schmunk I think what Qiang came up with about extensions is great and very close to initial idea we had before starting 2.0.

@samdark: Are you referring to this discussion?