Why Yii Should Still Be Yii!

I’m an expert web developer with the attitude in performance and security in web application development.

during the previous years that I come to a friend with yii framework I found it right choice when I need scalability and high availability without compromising performance. but every thing changed from those year,new projects has been born and I think Yii should still be Yii!

It should be the fastest and securest php framework over the world. it should support with built in component high performance scalable project like Apache Cassandra, MongoDB and etc as built in support db, Redis Cache component and many other good projects available in these days.

So what’s your proposal here? Yii is certainly not getting less secure and probably also not getting slower (maybe in exchange for security or any other “higher goal”). So the only claim that is made by Yii is being “professional”. Support of Cassandra, MongoDB from the Yii developers might be favourable, but might also decrease performance. So if you often have to use one of these DB components you can write your own solution and either publish an extension or make a pull request on GitHub (don’t really know how these get accepted at Yii).

Yii 2 should be a bit faster because of better autoloading. Can’t promise it will actually be faster in its alpha state but we’ll do our best.