Why Yii Framework is not listed at zend conference ?

Hi All,

Just wanted to know why YII Framework is not listed in the Zend Conference ?


Why there is no representative for YII Framework at http://www.zendcon.com/ Conference ?

As I can see all the popular Frameworks and CMS’s representatives will be delivering the lectures and YII is not Mentioned any where.

I’d like to speak but it’s 40 hours flight and too late to get a visa.

Would be cool to have great speaker in US representing Yii.

People from Clevertech (a company based in NY) have been using the framework as a base tool to develop webapps. Maybe someone from the company will show the power of Yii?

I was CleverTech tech lead ;) The company is based in NY but that’s management and sales team. Tech people are in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova (probably more countries nowadays) so they’re in the same situation as myself: long flight, visa preps etc.

As far as I know, Larry Ullman is giving Yii-related talks from time to time at different conferences.

Overall, we don’t have any centralized “management” of speakers but if one want to speak about Yii, he’s very welcome. I can give out my slides, provide tips on how to speak, provide Yii insights etc.

@samdark, could you give me this slides too? I’m “leading” a group in Brazil to promote and foment Yii 2 here.

I have some ideas that I thing interesting to promote them, like interviews with some develops.

What do you think about it?

All my current slides are here: http://slides.rmcreative.ru/

Some are marked as "In English". The rest are in Russian. If you want particular ones translated, let me know. Interviews are great idea as well.

Thanks a lot @samdark.

I’ll read and translate do Portuguese, when I finished it, I show you if you want.

There are a slide template that I use?

Yes. Sources are here: https://github.com/samdark/slides

Thaks @samdark.

From Africa!!!!

Yii is my happiness as php programmer!!!

Thanks for this Great Framework.


We’re headed to the SunshinePHP conference in February. Going to try to raise some awareness there.

Thanks, Dana! Do you plan a talk or visiting as listener? If you need any info, ask me.