Why ver1.1 cannot insert ?

follow The Yii Blog Tutorial step by step, when i finished Creating and Updating Posts,but cannot insert any record to the DB.

So, I creat a simple test that only one table named test, using yiic shell, crud command to generate test. In ver1.0, it generate the model and controller and _form.php that can creat,update and list. But in 1.1, it generate the files too, but when i click the button create, nothing happened.

Any one tell me why? Thanks.

In v1.1 model attributes must be declared as safe


  public function rules() {

    return array(

      array('title, description', 'safe'),




See the guide


Thanks for your reply. I found the reason. The command in Tutorial is ‘model *’ and it generate the file ‘Test.php’. The class name is ‘class Test extends CActiveRecord’ .But when I use command ‘crud test’, it generate the controller using ‘test’ everywhere. It’s case sensitive. That is the problem confuse me some days.