Why Future plan forum is hidden?

Currently I am planning for a really big project. In planning process I am evaluating few frameworks especially their upcoming release (except for Symfony which already released 2.0). I was looking to see what are the future plan for YII 2.0. Since it is almost end of the year. I was curious what YII development team is up to. How progress is being made for YII 2.0 etc etc. To my surprise I found that this forum was hidden. It was only accessible by user who have more or equal 20 or some post.

I am referring to this post.


I thought YII was open source project. I understand may be development team does no want to have unnecessary noise in their discussion forum. But if it is so then just make it read only for certain users. But why make it invisible?

Is there anything I am missing?

i agree with you

I guess, after reading people start asking questions in inappropriate topics :rolleyes:

in fact, that’s ridiculous, but project owners may set some rules that not everyone likes, just move on

It will be opened for everyone when Yii2 alpha will be released.