Why Do Chttpexception's Get Logged?

The subject line basically says it all… why? Or rather, why can you not customize? Surely 500’s are worth logging, but even more surely 404’s are not. And is there really no good way to turn this off? I found Article 1 which in turn pointed me to Article 2, but that’s really just a hack.

Is there no good solution?


I think the best way is to create an AdvancedLogFilter- have a look at post #15 in the linked thread. I don’t like logging 404 however it could be an indication of invalid link or someone hunting around your site for a backdoor so I can understand the reasoning.

Thanks, yeah, I agree, it’s the best solution but still somehow a hack… I disagree with the 404 logging though, someone being able to fill up your logs is not good.