Why an assets folder published separately?

Hi, there…

I have an assets folder from my custom extension folder, and I use it frequently. I published this assets with:


and then I registered my CSS an JS files after that…

But why when I firebug-it in Firefox (with development tools in Chrome, too) I found that my assets folder is published separately from it’s files…?

It’s that ok, or will I have any trouble because of it?


Snapshot from Chrome is attached:


Image 1.png


Image 2.png

Because assets folder must be over the "/protected" folder (which is inaccessible to web user, blocked with .htaccess file) so Yii default publish assets folder into unique folder {basePath}/{assets}/{unique_folder}

See http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/api/1.1/CAssetManager

But my assets folder is already inside /protected/extension/myextensionfolder, and I know it will published in an unique folder inside {baseUrl}/assets. The question is same: is it will be a problem for my web app, and where is this is actually came from?

You just want to know if there is a problem if there is a folder ein /protected/extensions/myextensionfolder?

Yes, you’re right sensorario. Actually, I just not comfortable with the warning that arise from Chrome’s console windows, and I’m curious where it came from. Maybe there is wrong syntax in one of my assets publishing lines?