Who is paying Qiang and team?

My greatest respect to the Yii Team. I am curious how is Yii business operated and who is funding the development? How can someone spent so much energy and time on something as great as this?

same question here , I don’t want to know who paying Yii team but my question is how this opensource communities managed in perfect manner that they manage on big scale that required good enough time and money!!!

I believe Qiang runs Yii Software LLC, a consultancy that provides Yii training and develops Yii based apps for hire.

yes but what about other complex products that developers provide for free.

Maybe it’s the same line of thought - they develop and use them for their own (paid) work, and share it in the spirit of free and open source, returning something to the community that they have benefitted from and perhaps to get a little (or a lot of) name recognition.

yes Yii also covering dev market , and its Yii developers also.

Give Products for Free,

Attract Market,

Develop what People are looking for,

Make Money for business life and Entertainment

Open Source

Open = Open for All

Source = Source of Getting livelihood

As for me, noone pays me for development of Yii itself but:

  1. I’m sort of addicted to Yii and OpenSource since it’s a lot of fun and it feels right.

  2. When I’ve started developing Yii I was working fulltime on J2EE projects. This year I’ve changed my employee for CleverTech and the company uses Yii as the main platform for client applications. I’m still not paid for core Yii development but paid for developing using Yii. So Yii is my primary tool now. As I know that’s true for all current core team members (you can find company names googling a bit).

Kiran Sharma

Managing OpenSource community doesn’t require too much money but it’s true about time.

SamDark, + book about yii ;)

Well, I can certainly say that writing a book isn’t about earning money but rather is about helping people. Of course, if you’re J. K. Rowling you can make a good money as well :)

[size=2]The best Salutation for your ethics…[/size]

You mean all developers aren’t paid in cookies and energy drinks?! :o


Yeah, we have to buy cookies and drinks ourselves. Personally I don’t mind spending all my time developing Yii, writing books and articles about it but have to earn a living for myself and my family.

I was just about to go to CleverTech site and send them my CV for recruitment process. But… if no cookies and energetic drinks are free there, then I simply resign! :] :] :]

Me2: biggest salutations for job done by You, Qiang and other Dev Team members!

Still over there there no Hot Drink…



At CleverTech people are working remotely. That’s why there are no drinks an cookies.

Naaah! :] Those could be free-sponsored by a special addition to monthly sallary! :] This is for coding and this is for cookies+drinks! :] :} :}