Which Wysiwyg Editor?

I’m new to Yii, deployed many Drupal and Wordpress sites and have about 15 years SQL experience, too many years programming experience.

It’s easy to find WYSIWYG extensions on the site but hard for me to know which are suitable to install, or how well documented to add for a newcommer to Yii Framework.

I was looking at various "TinyMCE" based extensions as it is one I have used. Also used ckeditor and others.

Needed font features:

Bold, italic, superscript, subscript & size

Other required features:

  • Indent

  • Quote

  • Insert links

  • Insert Images: Either remote URL (ability to disable), local URL or Browse to Users "Gallery" with upload on Gallery

  • Upload files, show as attachment to post.

  • Supported so I’m not on my own regarding security updates or bug patches

Optional features nice to have

  • No right mouse button context so users own spellchecker works (Though I see here something blocks Firefox spelling checker)

  • Image is either inline or text flows beside it multiple lines (Left, right or centred location) by user option

  • Button list

  • Tables with prompt for rows/column and either preset border / cell / padding or user dialog.

  • Edit tables after insertion including cell merge. However some editors use right mouse for edit which loses the users own spellchecker.

  • HTML insertion for "administrative users" only.

It’s not for Forum or blog/Comments type application but for more Article / Magazine style

No-one has an opinion or advice? Or am I asking the wrong way?