Which version?

First of all - sorry for the dum question… :)

Yii is changing rapidly…

But how is better to work with Yii for production - to use the latest code available on SVN, or to wait for stable release?

Generally - I know it is better to wait for stable releases, but I watched the code on google - there are a lot of enhancments and bug fixes, that can make the development phase even easier… Even more - I guess by the time I am finishing my project, lot of this fixes will be released already…

On the other hand - I suppose that the framework is not tested between the fixes…

So which one is better in the development phase of a project based on Yii - to use the latest revision available or to wait for stable releases?

This is a good question indeed.

My suggestion is that if a version works for your application running in production mode, then stick to it unless we release some versions fixing some security holes.

If you are in the process of developing a project, you may try to obtain the latest release or keep sync with SVN. The latter requires that you are very familiar with Yii, though.

It is truly not a good practice by putting in many new features in minor releases like 1.0.x. They are better to be put in 1.1 branch. The reason we are doing this is because we feel some features are very important and affect the overall usage of Yii. So it is better to put them in earlier releases than later ones. Since Yii is still very young, I wish the impact of these changes will be less. I think starting from version 1.0.6, we will put in new features into 1.1 branch instead of 1.0. Therefore, you will feel more comfortable to work with 1.0 without worrying about breaking BC.

While we do have a set of unit tests, their coverage is far from complete. And that's why sometimes we reintroduced some issues (but so far, this is rare, only occurred a couple of times). I believe this situation will improve as time goes.

Final words: pay particular attention to the UPGRADE file. It contains information on changes that breaks compatibility of earlier versions. We try to minimize such changes and will avoid this completely when we are on 1.1 branch.

Great answer! Thanks!