Which is the most compatible Javascript framework?

As I see there are a huge number of JS frameworks out there.

Here are a few of the many who were suggested to me from js developers:





[b]Well in a quick view they seem all good with their pros and cons but the main question to yii community is:

Is there a js framework that resembles some of the logic of yii?

A js framework that is easy to place side by side with yii and find similarities.

In other words, a js framework which you can learn fast if you already are a yii developer.[/b]

Don’t worry I am not searching to do hardcore stuff with javascript like reading and writing from/to a database for instance. I am only trying to seperate data and logic from the final render of html elements. Various examples where data are stored inside "id"s of DOM elements or arrays stored inside <ul></ul> lists are not sustainable!

Thanks :)

is jquery not good enough? I mean, jQuery plugin is very sufficient to separate logic and view of your javascript. Then, you can pack those jQuery plugins into one .js file to increase performance.

I need to learn about JS frameworks (beyond jquery) and what they would do for me. I looked at a few links you posted and I don’t “get it” yet.

@revo110: you mean create your own jquery plugin ?

Try CanJS