Which is best framework to develop php app ?

My development team is asking for Laravel framework to develop our php app saying that it’s the best.

My opinion is with yii framework. Can anybody tell me with which one we should go ?

Also tell me the core points also so that i can proof them that i am right ?


Laravel is very popular but I always steer clients towards Yii2.


  1. Yii2 -

Extremely fast.

  • Bootstrap out of the box.

  • Very nice activerecord db access.

  • Fixed the naming conventions. I do like the namespace feature that makes calling code easy. Laveral has this as well.

  • I hated the advance template, but now I love it. So important to split out your code.

  • Lazy load the routing into the MVC.

  • GII

  • GII!!! GII!!! Honestly this is the best part, because it allows you to build CRUD so fast. Lots of nice widgets.

  1. Laravel - Some components with the Symphony
  • Slightly slower

  • Lots of ‘artisian words’

  • Has this routing structure that is similar to node.js

There’s no best framework for all cases and teams. It depends very much on what you’re going to implement, what your team is used to and how much time do you have if anything will go wrong (learning new framework usually takes time and you’re producing silly errors along the way).

If the project is relatively short term, the whole team wants Laravel bad and you’re OK trying new stuff and learning it fast, go for it. Don’t waste time on arguing about the framework since both Yii and Laravel are good enough ones. The application and meeting the deadline are what important. At least at first stages. Then goes the maintenance but, again, it’s not really about a framework. It’s about how good your application architecture is.