Which extensions are required to use yii?


im using Yii to code my application, but now im wondering which of this bulk on extensions i really need and which not.

I know that it is depening on that what im doing in my applicaiton (just logic xD ) - but im sure there a lot that we only need in special cases. But i dont want to delete them if i think i dont need them, since i dont want to produce wasted errors ^^

(mhm… cant post links or images… all this directoriies im talking about are stored in vendor directory)

This list from first to last:

bin => markdown seems to work with cebe and composer - i dont use them. yii.php seems to be used for console application usage - i dont do some of this. can i delete this "plugin"?

bower => i dont use it. Can i delete it?

cebe => what is this? O.o

composer => no usage. delete?

ezyang => does yii use it? delete?

fzaninotto => what is this? O.o

phpspec => looking into readme it seems to be used for creating diff files or similar -> do i need this? delete?

swiftmailer => clear for that it is - need it.

yiisoft => clearly ^^ need it.

So most of them i dont see why i should use it or for what i need it. I dont unit test (live testing with some costumers), i dont install something via bower and i dont use ezyang html stuff. But also i dont know what yii is using in background (or yii default modules / extensions like debugger or similar).

So what of them can i delete and what not? ^^

Thanks in advance


Why do you want to delete folders in the first place?

They are not using much space…

I would not touch /delete any of the folders shipped with yii.


I just want to delete what i dont need. It dont take much space, but its a bunch of files the user / costumer has to upload at webspace, and that is the point i dont want.

You cannot figure out which vendor libraries are required by simply looking at the directory structure. For that, you would have to analyze the whole codebase.

That’s the point of Composer. It keeps track of dependencies and you can remove unwanted extensions by deleting a few lines in composer.json. All third party dependencies that aren’t required anymore will be deleted too.