Which extension for Many_many save related ?


I have setup a MANY_MANY relation at last and now I need to save the related model.

I see there are some extensions (save-relations-ar-behavior, esaverelatedbehavior etc)

which does this job. I want to use a more recent one.

Could you recommend one for me?

I can wholeheartly recommend the with-related-behavior :D

Thanks for pointing out the extension and the site which I wasnt aware of.

I am trying to save a Post with Categories using table tbl_post_categories as described in the definitive guide.

In tbl_post_categories I have two primary keys, postid,categoryid which are also foreign keys referencing Post and Category


I have MANY_MANY relations defined in both models Post, Category against each other and also

I have HAS_MANY relations pointing to tbl_post_categories table in both.

and I have BELONGS_TO relations in tbl_post_categories pointing Post and Category tables.

How should I use WithRelatedBehaviour in this case?

I am getting

Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails

errors on my tries.

The error is straightforward because there is no corresponding key in the referencing table.

But How can I save a tbl_post_category model without knowing its postid?

You can also try github.com/hastenax/yii-cmanymanyactiverecord without any db constraints.