Which cloud would you choose if you had to?

Which cloud would you choose if you had to for a Yii-based app deployment?

With the lowest price… Yii have strong resources (memory, cpu) footprint, and for cloud this is a problem…

For Yii maybe vps or dedicated is the way to go, would be cheaper

Thanks for your reply dckurushin. In fact I contacted Rackspace 1 year ago and they even recommended me against using "cloud computing" (at least for my architecture).

I have a Rackspace Cloud and Dedicated account. The cloud is great for smaller apps/clients, but anything of any significance has always gone on the dedicated box. I’m still pretty new to Yii, so I haven’t finished my first full blown project yet. Once I do I will upload it to each spot and run some tests to see which runs better.

One app that we are working on right now has the potential to get quite large, so I’m seriously considering going Rackspace cloud servers for the main app and databases and use their load balancer option which they have implemented in the last few months. Have to do some more research though…