Whgridview Return False Object Statement

i have some problem with my WhGridView. story like this, i create two CRUD model : [color="#FF0000"]1. perkara 2. pihakterlibat[/color]. perkara as parent and pihakterlibat as child. relation was perkara have many pihakterlibat.

i want in view of perkara, any WhGridView that show any pihakterlibat of that’s perkara.



it was the picture ‘view of perkara’. there is show right data of pihakterlibat too.

to make that i use this way. 1. i make some change in perkara actionView in controller

public function actionView($id)


		$dataProvider=new CActiveDataProvider('Pihakterlibat',array('criteria'=>array('condition'=>'perkaraID='.$id)));






  1. i show thats data in perkara view.
































there no wrong with the data. but I have some little problem that :

[color="#FF0000"]why link of tbbuttoncolumn return htt*://*ocalhost/lakalantas/index.php?r=perkara/view&id=1 or htt://localhost/*lakalantas/index.php?r=perkara/update&id=1[/color]

i want to fix thats link to be [color="#FF0000"]htt*://localhost/*lakalantas/index.php?r=pihakterlibat/update&id=1[/color]