Where To Store Messages In The Application

In my application for a number of actions email will be sent to the users ,for now I am keeping the messsage in the controllers itself. but I need to keep all the message at a common place so that if I have to change few message I can go to one location and change them. Although I can set the params in main.php and access them like Yii::app()->params[‘paramName’] , but I feel keeping textual content in main.php is not a good idea, can anyone help me out


Why not use a database for that ?

HI KonApaz,

Thanks for suggesting me the wayout , The only problem in using database is that I will have to keep an interface to manage the messages , in a way its really good because the site adminstrators can change these messages , if they feel so

Using CActiveRecord for that you could definetly manage with more capabilities all the messages.

search,create,update,delete,order etc. So go with database table ;)