Where To Store Ini Files

Hi All,

I want to store a ini file which holds some values. I want to store it in a location. Where should i store this file. Should i store in config directory?

Yes, config directory is the most appropriate, in my opinion.

How about data directory?


You may use any place you’d like to. It’s only more convenient to use commonly used directories in a case other developers will work with your code. If you’ll be the only developer - it’s a matter of your own choice and conveniency only, I think.

if you work with Yii:

‘Data’ directory is mostly used for storing files that provide some data (excuse me for repeating the word), e.g. sqlite files or dat file with list of something, for example.

‘Config’ directory is used for storing configuration files. So, if you have some configurations in your ini file, it has some logic to put it in config directory (at least at would for me and for the previous commentator, LastDay).

Thanks yugene.

I am also now using config directory as my ini files contains few configurations.