Where to set a breakpoint to troubleshoot 404

I am following the instructions in this article


But I just get 404.

I set a breakpoint in both of the "actions" methods, but nothing ever calls them.

So what I need to do is set a breakpoint right at the beginning of Yii, where it picks up the raw html request and single-step from there to figure out why it is not picking up my action.

But where is that line where Yii starts?

do you have the



        'application.components.*', //  <<<< this line



in your protected/config/main.php? If not then your testProvider.php is not getting imported.

I have that.

It seems significant that SiteController::actions() is never called.

My request just goes to SiteController::actionindex.

I found it.

My url has to be




as the author wrote.