Where to put the PATH environment variable

Hello all,

In here:


It says that I have to put the <directory>/vendor/bin in the PATH environment variable

In the advanced application, where is this PATH environment variable added?

Sorry, bit of a noob here.



That is the Windows PATH environment variable. You put the directory there so that when you run codecept from the command line, it can find the yii executables.

Are you sure you are reading the correct guide? This is about Unit testing with Codeception, not really a newbie topic if you don’t know what PATH is.

Doh! I know about windows PATH… thought it was refering to an alias hidden in the code I didn’t know about.

I am analysing Yii for my company as a framework option.

Unit testing is something we require, so I’m working through the documents to be sure its what we need and will perform.

So far Yii is looking great as an option!

Thanks for the advice, will try not to run before I walk. ;)