where to put code for RBAC

The definition guide said there is default role feature since 1.0.3 . If I want to add an administrator role, where do I add the code to create operations and bizrule? do I need to put same code inside every controller or there is a place to hold the code. Also , I looked into the framework directory , I didn’t find any definition of “guest” and “authenticated” roles

I thing you have to read carefully this http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/topics.auth


Actually using files to store RBAC data is not fully described in the guide. I’ve wrote a tutorial on this: http://yiiframework.ru/doc/cookbook/ru/access.rbac.file

It’s in Russian but there are not so much words… so probably it will be helpful.

I did find some idea from your code, thanks a lots, I wish I could understand russian , that will help more :rolleyes: