Where to post doc improvements

I have some experience with Codeigniter and decided on Yii for a new project. I’m liking it so far (though I miss the Codeigniter docs).

I’ve been making notes about a few stumbling blocks for new users, that I will likely turn into a blog post/tutorial. I was wondering:

  1. If I have suggestions for The Definitive Guide to Yii, should I leave them as comments? (I need to make a few posts before I am allowed to). I also came across some code I think is wrong on a wiki article, should I just leave a comment about that?

  2. Where is the best place to post ideas for improvements to the docs, in general?

Thanks. I look forward to seeing how this new website turns out, using Yii. The CRUD generator is pretty awesome for early prototyping; there’s nothing like seeing all the functionality ready in minutes after creating your database tables.

Hi, and welcome to the Yii forum…

You need a few posts in the forum to be able to fully use the sites (post comment, links)…

If you want to write a blog/tutorial… you can write a wiki article - http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/

For document suggestions/typos/improvements:

  • if it’s just a small clarification on how you used certain feature, you can post it as a comment (check existing ones)…

  • if it’s a rewrite of existing doc or suggestion for new doc you can open an issue - http://code.google.c…yii/issues/list

or post in the forum - there is not a specific section for this, you can post it in the "Yii project site" section for example

Great, thanks for the info. I’ll post in the appropriate places. Did not notice the ‘Yii Project Site’ subforum of Miscellaneous right away…that seems like the best place on the forum for docs discussion (maybe add ‘documentation’ to that forum description).