where to place yii? /usr/lib on linux?

Hi I have just installed opensuse 11.4 on spare machine to become comfortable with development on linux server. i have installed apache, mysql, php and git.

i was using yii on windows before. in windows i had placed it in e:/php/libs/yii.

now i want to migrate to linux but no idea where should yii go. is it ok if i put it into /usr/lib/yii?

what kind of permissions needed?

i assume only read permssion for www user will be enough.

should i set include path in php.ini or just include in my app’s index.php?


I use Apache 2.2.3 on CentOS 5. I placed yii under /var/www (one directory above Apache’s DocumentRoot) with permissions 777, user and group apache. Then on /etc/httpd/conf.d I added yii.conf as follows:

Alias /yii /var/www/yii

<Directory /var/www/yii>

  Order allow,deny

  Allow from all


It works fine for me.

This is how i set it up on my Linux servers:


@JFReyes: Why you want to make the framework files publicly avaliable? That’s not necessary and should even be avoided.


You’re right it’s a security risk; I do this during development only for ease of access (I’m lazy I guess). I’ll rethink this strategy - thanks for the heads up.