Where To Place The Renderpartial Code.

Hi everyone. I have a model called "Notification". It contains a "data" field and a "template" field. "data" stores serialized variables. and "template" can locate a view file. So I call renderPartial($template,array(data=>$data),true). and get the whole notification.

My question is: where should I place this code? In model Notification? or a component? or extension?



render method called in controller/action

renderPartial method called both controller/action and in views file

if you create an extension like a CWidget then it could be inside of the run method

According to the idea behind the MVC architecture, the controller should get the data needed from the model and the controller should give the data to a view.

I would solve it something like this (in a controller):

public function actionNotice($id) {

  $model = $this->loadModel($id); /* @var $model Notice */

  if (!is_null($model) { // if the model exists

    // Render the template from the model/Notice, give the whole model/Notice to the template as argument

    $this->render($model->template, array('model'=>$model);



In the view/template you output what should be outputted and use $model to get your data.

replies come fast. thanks KonApaz and Paul G.

That is how I deal with it.

since my notifications appear only in one page.I do it in the view file;


$this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(





the _view.php


the getData() return the unserialized data field.

and in $data->template, for example post_comment.php, I do it

<?php $comment = PostComment::model()->findByPk($data['commentid']);?>

<?php echo CHtml::link($comment->user->username,array("/u/index",'id'=>$comment->userid));?>commented your post

<?php echo CHtml::link($comment->post->title,array('post/view','id'=>$comment->post->postid));?>

So I call renderPartial in _view.php. Untill now, It works.

But still there are 1 problem (or maybe it’s not a problem):I retrive the database in view file. Do you do this sometimes?

According to MVC you should get the data in controller and pass it in the view file.

In which place you retrieve the data from database in the view file? give us the code please

My "data" field look something like this: a:1:{s:9:\"commentid\";s:2:\"26\";} ( a serializationg of array(commentid=>9))…

I retrieve a dataProvider in controller. and then .

I get the user model in the template file (a view file). i.e. $data->template, for example post_comment.php, I do this:

<?php $commentid = unserialize(stripslashes($data->data));

$comment = Comment::model()->findByPk(commentid) ?>