Where is the location of pager.css?

Dear All,

I want to modify pager.css, where can I find this file? I found one under assets but next time I run the application on the other computer it changes again ;(

Anyone can help?



It is located under yii system directory: framework/web/widgets/pagers. You MUST not modify it.

Better check this property: http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/api/CLinkPager#cssFile-detail

You can set this property either to false (and put all pager’s styles in your general .css file) or specify your css file name, where pager’s styles will be stored.

A simple example:









Thanks for the quick reply. This is what I am looking for ;)

Is there a way to disable the css and header global? It’s kinda annoying having to edit all files after scaffolding the code…

You can configure scriptMap.