Where can newbies learn about Yii

Where can newbies learn about how to use Yii if the specific class or concept is not included in The Definitive Guide to Yii (is it really Definitive)

For example, it seems like using CActiveDataProvider is an important topic, but I can’t find a tutorial of why and how to use it anywhere. Am I smoking funny bananas, or are major concepts still not covered in the documentation?

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Peder :)

Hi Peder,

Welcome to Yii community…

To start learning Yii. strat with a Definitive Guide.

Then Move to API Class refernce. which have a complete documentation of Yii inbuilt Power.

To learn about CActiveDataprovider you can go to this link

And finally just start googling whatever you want to search ;) you will get lots of search result.which will surely help you.And still you dont get your answer then come to the forum and post it here.:)

In addition to jayant’s advice,

I recommend one tip — Don’t just read the Definition Guide. Do the Definition Guide.

Focus on the getting started and fundamentals first. And actually code what you have read until you have a grasp on how to navigate between guide, the api, and the source codes.

It is boring but it will save you a lot more time later.

Chase that yii rabbit and welcome to the forum

i do agree with you ;) :lol: