When will the dataprovider guide be finished?

Im a bit concerned with staying within the framework’s conventions when it comes to DataProviders and their use in Yii 2. Does anyone know when the guide for DataProviders will be finished? The “Implementing your own custom data provider” section has been “TBD” for many months.

Every time I create a DataProvider class and instantiate it, I get a bit of code smell. It seems I either have to live with lots of the “new” keyword in my controllers / behaviors / widgets, or I have to register a very large number of DataProvider components in the app’s container (which also feels unintuitive, unconventional). Im sure there is some sort of framework component for controlling custom data providers, Im just unsure what it could be.

Could anyone share a guide to dataproviders, or how they implement / evoke extensions of ActiveDataProvider in their yii2 app? :smiley:

What’s wrong with new keyword in controller? In widgets etc. you can pass data provider into constructor or setter. You can even type-hint it with DataProviderInterface.

I guess Ive taken inversion of control to the extreme and dont even want my controllers insantiating new objects. I also had a Yii 1 project where all our dataproviders were defined in a config file, and could be located with a Yii::app() property. I think what led me down this road was wanting to emulate something similar in a Yii2 app, but the more I think about it, the more I realize the old way was an unconventional approach and Im just stuck in the past.

Thanks for the reply.

Srsly tho, finishing the guides in the Yii2 Guide would be great :smiley: