When I Use "http://www.example.com/jobsbydistrict/25-Krishna" It Is Redireciting To 404 Error Page.

Dear Friends,

Need help in achieving following…

My Current URL : http://www.example.com/jobsby/district/jobs/25-krishna

My Desired URL : http://www.example.com/jobsbydistrict/25-krishna

When i use "http://www.example.com/jobsbydistrict/25-krishna" it is redireciting to 404 error page.

But when i use "http://www.example.com/jobsbydistrict/25" it is redirecting to correct page.

As per my R&D url’s last slug is mixed with alpha numerics and Default “index” action considering only numerics parameters. If given alpha numerics in “index” action it is redirecting to 404 page.

plz suggest where i need to change.

One of facebook friend suggested to change in "config/main.php" Urlmanager section

Currently it is,










plz some one suggest & post updated code.

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