When does the next version of Yii release?


I’m a newbie here.

Where can I find the plan for the next version of Yii?


This year.


This year has only about 4 days left.

Really really.

So any infomation about the next of the next, maybe 1.2.0 or 2.0?

Even I wonder about 2.0 release, I know there is forum out there for the discussion of 2.0 which I dont have access of yet, but I guess, may you can have a thread where you can put the status of 2.0 or next release once in a while?

There is no status or news about 2.0, yet… that’s why there is no thread for it… and don’t worry… when there will be something to announce about it… you will see it promptly…

The next release (this year) will be the 1.1.9 version.

Are there any release notes yet available?

You can always check the changelog in svn/trunk