What's Wrong With Forum's Visual Editor?

I’ve tried to contact some forum moderators on this a time a go, but I was answered, that problem is temporal or browser-specific. No, I’m back after a half year or so and I’m using different browsers and all have the same symptoms.

Either I have something really badly configured in my browser or visual editor is working very strange.

It adds some stuff from time to time to my edited task, right after I press "Preview" or post a question / answer.

Sometimes additions are not affecting edited text much. For example, right now it only adds extra line-breaks after each my line, so after preview/post each line of my text is separated with two empty lines, while I added only one.

But sometimes it renders posting nearly impossible. Like, when adding a lot of garbage to code examples (looks like some incorrectly added bbCodes for adding colors and formation). For few times I had situation, where I had to post code example only with coursive, because using code tag always added so much garbage to presented code, that it was nearly not readable.

And there are times, that editor acts just normal, which makes this case really strange.

If editor goes wako, I can’t do anything to workaround the problem. Even posting, and re-editing posted text brings no help. No matter, if I enter text manually or paste it from Notepad, there is also more or less garbage added.

In addition, after nearly each "Preview" I see top-margin "Loading" field appear, that stays there forever.

I’m using newest Chrome on-board Windows 7. Javascript and cookies enabled of course.

Is anybody else experiencing the same or similar symptomes? Does anyone have any idea how to tix this?

This becomes really painful at some times. I must admit that sometimes I resign from writing something, because I’m tired of “fighting with the editor”.

Is there any way, we could have a simple, plain Markdown-oriented editor instead of this rich, visual thing? Just as we have on Wiki and Extensions and everywhere else except forum? That would help things really much.

Thanks in advance for any help here.

I don’t like the editor here, but I work around it by using ‘paste as plain text’ in Chrome when I paste code, etc.

Jacmoe, that isn’t a solution at all, as all the garbage, I mentioned is added at reformation part done on server-side.

In other words, no matter if I paste code (or hand-type it), everything is OK until I push Preview or Post. Garbage is added then.

Well, well, well…

This post proves, that I’m not the only person, that is facing problem of adding garbage to edited texts and that this problem remains for two years now.

Houston, we really have a problem. If IPB here is so deeply customized, can someone out of moderators team take a job of getting this little editor and replacing it with redactor (everyone loves Markdown, right!) or at least something that actually works!

And, come-on guys! Visual editor is adding garbage to text edited by users for over two years and no one has reported that before? WTF?