What's The Replacement For Capccache In Php 5.5?

Both on my local machine (on XAMPP) and on my servers, with PHP <=5.3 I used to use CApcCache as the cache component, having APC installed.

Now I’ve changed my notebook, and on the new one I’ve installed the latest XAMPP which comes with PHP 5.5.

I was having trouble installing APC which wouldn’t compile and I found this:

which says:

So, unless that’s wrong, I guess I’ll have to install OPcache instead of ACP.

The problem is, is there an OPcache-based equivalent of APCCache in Yii??

It is. Kind of. See here. In short: Get APCu as a replacement for APC. It will work with CApcCache just as well.

Thanks a lot. How do I install it? By "sudo ./bin/pecl install apcu" I get:

Do I have to install a beta version? (that sounds scary) If so how? Or is there a stable version too, and if so how do I get it?

The best you can get is the beta, yes. But don’t worry, it’s quite stable.