whats the proper way of editing

Hi all,

What is the proper way of formatting part of a link. Link designed as below:

<?php echo CHtml::link($model['first_name']." - ".$model['last_name'], 'controller/action') ?>

I would like to format first_name in one way and last_name in another way. So far I was able to see how to format the whole link value in the blog demo:

$link=CHtml::link(CHtml::encode($tag), array('post/index','tag'=>$tag));

			echo CHtml::tag('span', array(



			), $link)."\n";

…but I was wondering what is the proper way of formatting only part of the link.



You can add any html to the link text like this:

<?php echo CHtml::link($model['first_name']." - <b>".$model['last_name']."</b>", 'controller/action') ?>