What's Best Development Environment On Os X Maverikcs

There are so much options to create a development environment on OS X Mavericks that it’s hard to find the best solution for developing with Yii/Yii2

Could anyone give advice about, MAMP, XAMMP, HomeBrew, composer etc. ?



I’m using nginx, mysql, php55-fpm from macports.

Thanx, will give that a try…

I am using PostgreSQL, Apache2 with php5.5 as FastCGI with an nginx frontend, memcached from Homebrew.

Composer installed as phar, PHPUnit as added dev-dependency in composer.json

What is the advantage of using [color=#1C2837][size=2]nginx over MAMP?[/size][/color]

Eats less memory, serves static files faster, easier to use with different PHP versions at the same time.

Sounds tempting. Easy to install too?

Fairly easy.

You might consider using VirtualBox and Vagrant for setting up your machines. For smaller projects I am running VirtualBox with a shell script for setting up a Linux machine (e.g.: Debian). Bigger projects (more team members) could benefit from using Vagrant as it allows versioning of server setups.

The point is: If you are moving to another OS, or if you want to change your webservers etc. it can easily become a pain to change your setup if you are using your main OS for development. Using a VM makes my life a lot easier and I can share my development environment with others if needed by passing the image. And another good point is that you can actually develop on a machine that works exactly like the one used for production.

Agree with Haensel, Vagrant + puppet is a great duo for developing many applications on one machine.

Tip - start with puphpet.com - it generates working oob manifest. Look how it works and you’ll never go back to installing mampp, xampp and others.

Thanks for the Puphpet tip! I’m setting it up now!