WhatACart.com - Yii2 eCommerce Application

I’ve found an interesting open source Yii2 powered ecommerce application. Please, take a look


It looks pretty good. Does it have option for selling digital goods? We did not see on Demo site.

I don’t know exactly. Youn can see the demo on: http://www.whatacart.com/demo and the features on: http://whatacart.com/features

I suppose, the community can request new features on their bitbucket and forums:




We would be adding this feature in 1.1.0. I would just post about the release under the topic http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic/73005-whatacartcom/page__p__304863__fromsearch__1#entry304863.



Looks good. Congratulations. Can it be used in commercial projects? What are licensing terms?

I see it is GPL.

Will I need to share my changes to themeing? What is covered and what is left in the codes?


I apologized for the delayed response. I was absorbed with version 2 for the project and my notification settings has some issues. It is fine to keep your theming changes up to you or if you want you can share the changes. But could you please share the link to store you have developed. We would like to showcase that on product site.

Also we have started a campaign for whatacart. Please have a look and help in spreading it. WhatACart Campaign.

We have rolled out the release 2.0.0 for WhatACart. The linked in post can be seen here.

Is whata cart still active?

Judging from the Github repo, the project is alive and kicking

Hello, yes it is active and is being maintained.

Just curious, does the app include REST API for mobile apps/SPA?