What would be the best way to learn YII framework?


Basically I am a j2ee developer. I know a little bit of PHP and can understand coding.

I would like to learn YII framework step by step. How to write views, custom actions and all.

I saw YII documentation. But its not giving step by step approach. Is there any best guide or cookbook?

Could anyone please suggest me?



The working examples (mainly in the Wiki) are scattered here and there, rather than gathered in one place. Yeah it’s hard for me too. Google is the only friend we have!

I would start with the blog tutorial.

Check out Larry’s. The links already in this page http://www.yiiframework.com/tutorials/

Problem is that Yii is written in PHP and is a PHP framework… and all the guides and cookbooks (Wiki) are about Yii not about PHP…


IMHO to be able to understand all this you need first to get the basics of PHP… and PHP objects…

As soon as you get the basics of PHP and how the objects work in it… you will find that the "Definitive Guide to Yii" does give all the step-by-step instructions you need.

i think Yii Framework is Struts Framework in PHP version.

Now aday i chang to use Yii Framework.

because PHP job is grater than Java.

this is personal opinion.

Sadly the Yii docs are pretty bad compared to codeigniter (for example). The framework is tremendous though. I would recommend the Yii book. It’s very nice but there are some errors in it which might trip you up if you don’t know PHP well (or have some experience with Yii). My honest opinion would be to start with an entry level framework like codeigniter to get your feet wet with MVC and PHP and such and move on to Yii when you get more experience.

Generate project with yiic and start making small changes. While making changes conslut definitive guide and class reference. If you are not familiar with PHP and HTML then learn that first.

Read the Yii guide about twenty times.

Make sure that you understand object notation and classes

If you are learning php and Yii at the same time, part of your challenge will be to determine what the framework is and what is native php.

Get familiar with the class reference

Read lots of posts on the forum and try to answer your own questions before asking.

That’s my two cents!

Yii is frikkin awesome once you get your head around it.

doodle – welcome aboard :D