What type of validation GridView performs?

I have a POST form that validates a model by number, email, required. And client-side validation is blazing fast.

But compared to GridView, validation at <td> feels noticeable slower, and I’m not talking about the quering afterwards. Even for the same types like number, required.

I don’t have much experience with forms, but I see that the page reloads on validation (like for querying), perhaps due to the GET method, or because I’m doing something wrong. Is this expected?

Question isn’t clear. What you’ve expected? What you’ve got? How to reproduce that?

In actionIndex > model > GridView (which is working), I’m saying that validation (i.e model errors rendering) does’t seem to be as fast as the validation of let’s say (actionCreate/actionUpdate) > model > activeForm.

The later is client-side validation, it is fast. But in the former, to my perception, is actually slower. I can see the page is actuallly reloading, which I think shouldn’t happen for client side validation right? Perhaps that’s how it is so I am asking.

I’ve been thinking about this and can say that validation at <input> fields in GridView are not happening client-side. Is this expected? I checked the documentation concernig GridView but did not find specific information on the subject.

Yes. There’s no client validation for it. It could be implemented but it’s not a priority for now.