What tool does Yii use for documentation?


I’m mightily impressed by the look of the Yii web site. Excellent work!

What struck me as especially beautiful is the Definitive Guide to Yii.

May I inquire what tool or method that was built with?

It’s built from the source code in markdown format using a bit customized (generation of API links and tip blocks) markdown parser provided in Yii distribution. The rest is custom CSS/JavaScript.

Very nice. Thanks!

Not exactly. They use a build tool to parses it as a LaTex only. From LaTex, they use pdflatex command from miktex package to convert to PDF. That’s where the all the beautiful stuff comes from.

I loved the guide looks too and asked Qiang for the way they do it. ;)

Srinivasan A Paul Joseph

That’s about PDFs. Website guide does not use LaTex.