What Is The List Of Files I Must Delete After Installation


it’s my first time i use yii and i will use it for very large project, it’s a big risk <_< <_<

plz can u tell me what is the liste of files i must delete it to protect my project

i have install it using shell terminal

php yiic.php webapp ../ 

no i think there are files i must delete it and i don’t kow what is it

i have download zurmo to see ow they organise they project file but it’s to deferent of my mvc skeleton.

do you have any other project YII based source code to learn it

FYI : it’s my first time i use framework i am php developer but i have never use framework i develop every think with my hand and know i want to win somme times in projects development

waitting for your answers

thank’s a lot

there is no need to delete any files at all as you are beginner… to explore yii framework you can lookup the demo projects provided by yii at your yii framework directory probably it is like this yii.1.1.14/demos/