What is the fate of Yii framework?

(Mamad Za69) #1

What is the fate of Yii framework? When I see the contributor of Yii in github I see Mr. Qiang Xue doesn’t active for a long time, and I want to know this framework is deployment in future?

(Jacob Moen) #2

Did you take a look at the release history of Yii ?

And the healthy development at Github ?

Contributions/tickets/activity, even stars.

And admired our hero team fronted by Cebe and Samdark ?

And, of course, the large community!

I am confident that the Yii project rests in really good hands!

(Jacob Moen) #3

On a related note: like Yii, the Ogre3D project saw it’s founder leave a couple of years ago, and that was sad, but the project survives.

Just because you are the founder doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to change course, shift gears and do something else.

Open source is not a prison.

(Lfparedes) #4

Hmm didn’t know Qiang Xue had left the Yii project. But yeah, there’s lot of activity at GitHubso there’s nothing to be worried about, I guess…

(Serban Cristian) #5

The fact he left without giving us any heads-up i mind boggling.

When an important member of any development team, doing it whatever it does, leaves the team, he should at least announce it, it denotes the respect towards the users he brought onboard, not go without any notice hoping no one will notice. This is cowardly.

(Jacob Moen) #6

Lighten up twisted1919!

I don’t think Qiang has intentionally left the Yii project, but in practice it is now Alexander Makarov who is in charge of the project AFAIK.

I remember reading somewhere hereabouts that Qiang Xue has zero time due to other commitments - so I guess we can say that he is AWOL.

It doesn’t matter to me, to be honest, because the project is in very good hands. :)

(Serban Cristian) #7

@jacmoe - i’m relaxed and i know samdark and the team do an awesome job.

My point of view was from a user that got to use Yii because of Qiang’s involvement in the PHP world and now somehow feels this way since no explanation was ever given.

But yeah, we move on :)

(Jacob Moen) #8

[s]I can see that Qiang is still listed as project lead, so - who knows? perhaps he will get more time for Yii in the future?



As you can see, Qiang is listed in the Past Team Members section.

Still, 7 active team members currently - that’s a lucky number!

I think that what we are looking at here is an accidental announcement by means of the prototype of the new Yii website.

Not sure if it was intended to be stealth-announced like that, but it is now, isn’t it?

When Steve Streeting retired from the Ogre3D project, we secretly conspired to give him a present to say thanks for his endeavor.

Just throwing this out here…

(Alexander Makarov) #9

Qiang left summer 2015. At that time it wasn’t clear if he’s going to return and he wanted to. That’s why initially there was no announcement. Afterwards I’ve commented the case in many forum topics, chats and talks.