What is the best way to remove a db table from a project?

I have an app that had a class/table that is no longer in use.

How is this generally handled?

My thinking is I that the proper way to handle this is:

(previous migrations)
a… something
b… something
c… bring up table X
d… something
e… something

(new migration added to project)
f… drop table X

Is that how this is generally handled? So if I redeployed the app, the migrations would bring up and then bring down the table?

Or is there another way?

With migrations, it seems like I need to ensure continuity even if it means bringing up a table only to bring it down in the sequence?

This is indeed how I do it.

Note that in your migration f, you might have to restore the contents of the table in the down() function, in addition to its structure (depending on its role in your software).