What is stored in runtime ?

Wondering what is stored in runtime …

I see the logs, of course, but there are other files in there. What is their function, what do they contain, and how are they generated ? I looked through the docs but could not find details other than they are temp files …

thank you !

Some cached data.

Yes, but what data, exactly ? I am fine tuning performance and storage on my server and am wondering what all these files do, how they affect the performance, etc …

Near end of default application configuration file, you can find:









                    	'levels'=>'error, warning',




This means that you have CFileLogRoute enabled by default and all error or warning level trace messages will be stored right in your protected/runtime folder.

If you are using Gii Tool (see documentation) then in also unpacks some of its contents into this folder.

I never heard that files in runtime (or similar in assets) folder would have any noticeable influence on application performance, but I may be in wrong.

I found CSS,HTML and URI folders inside runtime.Anybody knows what are they fore?They seem to be related with HTMLPurifier.I am cleanining my folders from non useful files,and I dont know if I should delete those…

I haven’t been working with CHTMLPurifier yet, but AFAIK you can delete everything in both runtime and assets folder, as these are purely runtime folders and whatever gets there will always be recreated - if required and missing. Your application can’t break on missing files in these folders, it will only be a little bit slower first time, when recreating this files. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

BTW: You should purge this folders whenever you’re updating framework to a new version. That is one of top positions on check-list, when doing upgrade.

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