what is difference between vendor,component,widget and extension in yii?

what is difference between vendor,component,widget and extension in yii???

In the Yii context, vendor refers to code packages that have been supplied by a third party and that are often Yii-independent. Bootstrap or jQuery would be examples.

Extensions are similar in that they are reusable packages, but they are designed specifically for Yii.


Components are small building blocks that are reused throughout your application.


Widget are like components, but they always have a graphical part, i.e. they are used in views.


Extensions are redistributable software packages specifically designed to be used in Yii applications and provide ready-to-use features. For example, the yiisoft/yii2-debug extension adds a handy debug toolbar at the bottom of every page in your application to help you more easily grasp how the pages are generated. You can use extensions to accelerate your development process. You can also package your code as extensions to share with other people your great work.


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