What Ide To Use?

Hi guys and girls,

I come from a Java background and just looking to get into Yii.

The one thing that has become apparent to me is that there are no good IDEs for Yii development.

I have looked at Eclipse PDT, NetBeans and CodeLobster so far.

And so far, CodeLobster seems to do more than either Eclipse PDT or NetBeans - start a proper Yii project. But that is where it stops too.

Yii allows you to create modules, controllers, actions, etc. But none of these IDEs have any interactive way to let you do that.

CodeLobster asks you database details. But it does nothing with them. It does not introspect the database for available tables, their relationships or build any CRUD.

Am I expecting too much? Or have we grown to be a community that accepts crap and remains happy with that?

I am happy to pay for a good tool. But the tool has to do all the basic work.

Look forward to hearing folk’s comments.

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Most of these automagic code generators generate - well: crap. :lol:

The best IDE IMO is Aptana 3 - it’s a Eclipse variant specifically geared towards web development.

It focuses on Rails, but has solid PHP support too.

I like it very much because it handles PHP, Sass, JS, whatever, really well.

I do not like automagic Yii integration - what’s the point?

It’s just plain PHP, isn’t it? ;)

That said:

You missed PHPStorm - that is the best option. Not free, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch, right?

I second the PHPStorm recommendation. While IMHO its very comfortable, it is quite inexpensive - 99$US for individual developer license.

After going crazy with eclipse, I went back to VIM.

What can I say – best decision I ever made. Sure, the learning curve is steep and long, but you are infinitely more productive once you master it. Plus working with git and Xdebug in vim proved to work just so easily and smoothly, whereas both would be a huge endeavour in eclipse, and I could never get git to work flawlessly anyway.

After using Netbeans (which I think it’s great, especially if you develop in multiple languages) I settled for PHPStorm.

PHPStorm is pretty great if you don’t mind paying for text editors.

I use NetBeans (currently 7.3 version) for a long time

I prefer NetBeans over others IDE because I am comfortable with that (due of experience with it)

I didn’t need something that has not the NetBeans so I will keep it

However if I need another IDE, this will be the Aptana or PHPStorm :)

Na na na na, na na na na, Netbeans!

NetBeans with the Yii Plugin. Available for NetBeans Version 7.3 and 7.4

IDE? What IDE?

I use Sublime Text 2 because of Cmd+P and Cmd+R shortcut.

+1 NetBeans.

Netbeans :D

PHPStorm ++

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I always use Aptana Studio and I love its support for FTP. I tried Eclipse PDT and Netbeans but I think they don’t have good FTP support.


I want a tool that I can sftp to my development server on AWS with keys…

I can use all the help I can get finding typos and hinting at function name / parameters…

I want to store my files where I want to not where the tool wants to…

I don’t want to spend a lot of time fiddling with getting the tools set up. Its a tool to get a job done, it is not a toy to spend a lot of time fiddling with just to get it going.

After working with everything from Nano to notepad++ on up to Eclipse and fiddling with netbeans, I found that I like PHPStorm the best. $99 for an individual developer licence, so it does not check the ‘free’ box, but I think it is a good deal. I use about 15 - 20% of it functions, but now I have a tool that gives me some help and does not make me hunt down options.

As a bonus, it helps with CSS, HTML, Javascript and can do a lot of debugging of the same.

With Chrome I can do LIVE EDITING of HTML & CSS. So as I edit my HTML file it immediately updates the browser window. That one function has saved me so much time fine tuning UI stuff that it is worth the price all by itself.

Other tools hit a few of these points as well, but for me it hits almost all of them right out of the box ( err… installer… ).

NetBeans with Yii plugin.

Try Atom.

Man, My suggestion:

Forget about IDEs take Sublime Text and you’ll see how adjust to the framewok needs…

Ok, so I’m gonna contribute my thoughts here. I’m a DEVELOPER with a business - I’m not happy about spending hours/days trying to figure out an IDE or its debug settings. If it’s not fairly intuitive to me, then fuggit-about-it. The same goes for the frameworks I’ve been comparing (Laravel, I’m talking to YOU). The docs need to be accurate and step-by-step. Side note: Laravel failed that test, which is why I’m now converting to Yii 2 and thus, I’m on this forum.

Here is what I expect from an IDE, and if it’s a “paid” version then I expect more:

  1. Be intuitive

  2. Be accurate with your documentation. I can handle a bit of bad English but if your English is back-a$$-wards then maybe you need to get somebody else to write your docs. And stop drinking vodka if you write them.

  3. If you claim you integrate with Yii2, then DO IT! I’m talking about peeking into classes, maybe some code-completion “hints”, valid ‘inspector’ checking (Codelobster, I’m talking to YOU), and that sort of thing.

  4. I’m also talking to YOU, NuSphere PhpED … Here is a piece of your documentation --> “While PHP SPL, DOM and PDO are builtin into PHP, you can get code completion for them easily. Just download …”. What? I paid for your product! Why didn’t you include that in the first place? And then your comment "The same way you may get code completion for other libraries, but in this case you’d write such interface file yourself. ". Really? Oh, so I pay for your product but I need to write my own interface files. Got it… . You say you support Yii2, yet I see nothing in your Framework docs about it (except your claim that you support it).

  5. If you claim you have a debugger and if I PAID for your product then YOU configure the debugger based on my directory and my localhost or my remote (if you support that). I’m tired of squirrely-a$$ debugger instructions that don’t work as the docs say. (I’m talking to YOU again, NuSphere PhpED – don’t ask me 4 times what my dadgum ‘document root’, ‘root url’ and ‘root web dir’ is/are. And stop demanding that I put Projects in my dadgum User folder! I don’t want them there).

So … my acronym is IDHTFT (I-Don’t-Have-Time-For-This).

1) Sublime: Project? what Project? It has hints about ‘projects’ in its menu, but I didn’t see anywhere to create a new one. Opened a folder to an existing Yii project. Nothing in particular jumped out which is suspicious because I know there are errors – I put them there. So IDHTFT.(to be fair, this was after days of testing other IDEs and I was not very forgiving). You might as well use NotePad++ (that’s actually a good product for what it does).

  1. NuSphere: Where do I start? Configuring the debugger is like getting Trump to speak truth. No code hints or much else for Yii2 (see above), at least not that I could see. NOTE: I’ve been using NuSphere since 2007. I’m about fed up with it. It’s ok for a $100 text editor, though. IDHTFT …

3) Aptana: Went to the site, did a search for Yii - found nothing anywhere. Didn’t even download it (note: I used it years before on a simple project and it was “just ok”, nothing special). IDHTFT…

4) CodeLobster: Ok, I like it. But when it starts giving me syntax or other more serious errors on a fresh “virgin” download of Yii2, then I ain’t liking that. I double-checked a couple of the 100’s of programs that it burped on, and there was NOTHING wrong with them – syntax was fine, brackets all matched, etc… So CL gets a C- grade on that stuff. This one came close to IDHTFT , but I need to cut them a break. It’s not bad, and maybe I screwed up an IDE config that caused it to give those errors. So it could be my fault, but since I followed their doc directions, then that goes back to “the docs”.

5) PHPStorm: I got nothing bad to say. Ok, it’s a bit “ginormous” and complex but it does a lot. The errors and warnings it found seem to be very accurate. I have not yet tried the debugger, so I’m wondering if I’ll be disappointed in either the complexity of configuration or the way it works (or doesn’t). But overall, I think this is a good product and I don’t mind spending a buck for a good product.

  1. NetBeans 8.1: I like it. The only thing that ticks me off is that I can’t get it configured correctly for phpcs/codesniffer/whatever. I’m sure I’m not reading something correctly, though. This is a wonderful, open-source IDE that does a lot! However, it may freeze up on you from time to time. The only other thing I found is that nobody seems to be supporting it anymore. So that ain’t too cool. But hey, I wouldn’t do it for free either…

I’m on Windows 7 with 16 GB of memory and a pretty fast processor (if you need to ask me why I didn’t use Win Eight or update to Win 10, then don’t…). I do use Linux on another machine but I want stuff to work on my Windows. If it doesn’t, then just tell me so in your docs. I’m good with that.

I hope someone got something useful out of these comments, but they are just my own experience – yours may be different (why, I don’t know …). If I seem snarky, it’s because I’ve spent about 8 days dealing with comparing frameworks, IDEs, and even a new XAMPP installation that I accidentally installed and which overwrote my local database (fortunately I’m a good boy and have backups). Like I said, I’m a DEVELOPER, not a lover of ‘all-things-web’. I need my tools to work as documented so that I can run my business!