What I Have To Do Realize What I Describe

Hi, i am just learning yii, so please be patient :)

I have to create shop software. In x.com will be site where client can buy some things, but in x.com/support will be panel for workers to answer for email, in x.com/panel will be something else etc. All things like /support will be complex with many functions.

I created models and cruds.

The first step what i want to do is create /support and i want use to that bootstrap twitter. Support will have many functionality. I need complex way to send and receive email by SMTP/POP3 with queue and priority (what to use for that?). Also i want make panel dynamic and reactive for workers actions. Example worker write in textbox "name" and table is filtered imidietly. etc. etc. You can imagine how application to support have to work.

So the question is what i have to do step by step?

  1. Add http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/bootstrap/

  2. Crate module support

  3. Add layout

  4. Add some views

  5. Add/create module for email

What is the right way for that in yii? Can you write me step by step in the most precise way what to do?

You’re kidding right?

If you’re asking questions like that, this project is already overdue.

Give somebody else the job, seriously.