What do I source control?

I downloaded Yii and am currently running through the screencasts, and it creates a demo app that is parallel to the Yiiroot app. I am going to put my app under source control with git, and would like to know whether you ever make any changes in the Yiiroot folder, and if that should be placed in the git repository. So (following the screencast names) should webroot be the root of the git repository, or webroot/demo


No, I leave my Yii folder untouched.

  1. There is no need to chance anything there, if I’m unsatisfied with a class I can extend within my project workspace.

  2. Upgrading to a new Yii version becomes less error prone.

You can consider some improvements to directory structure e.g. Moving project code outside of webroot

It strengths security and it’s easier to upgrade between Yii versions.

You could also add yii as a git submodule to your project.

There are some mirrors of the yii svn repository on github.

One of them is this: https://github.com/yiiext/yii

It is updated every 20 minutes so you are always with the newest code if you want to.

Run the following command to add yii as a submodule in your repository:

git submodule add https://github.com/yiiext/yii.git yii

To check out a specific yii version you can go into that submodule directory and run

git checkout 1.1.8